Anniston Storage has an array of sizes available to fit your needs. We can accomodate a few small things, an entire house, as well as outside storage for boats, RV's, campers and trailers. We can also customize each unit with shelving to fit your specific needs.
                                         ******** Discounts Availabale********

Size                       What will fit?                                                                                  Price
10' x 5'                     Seasonal decorations, file boxes, or other miscellaneous items                                       $35/mo

10' x 10'                   Standard furnishings from a one bedroom apartment including appliances                $54/mo
                                            and boxes or approximately 170 standard file boxes.

10' x 15'                   Standard furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or house including                    $74/mo
                                 appliances, boxes, and miscellaneous items or approximately 290 standard
                                            file boxes.

10' x 20'                  Standard furnishings from a three or four bedroom house including appliances       $84/mo
                                 boxes, and miscellaneous items or approximately 340 standard file boxes

10' x 30'                  Special size - call for pricing

10' x 40'                  Special size - call for pricing

Outside                   Boats, RV's, campers, trailers, etc. Can accomodate up to 35' in length                           $35/mo

******************************   Discounts    **************************************

- Last month free with 1 year rental paid in advance
- 10% discount for military, fire, police, and senior citizens
- 10% discount for 6 months paid in advance